Little Giant Xtreme Ladder

You have probably seen an infomercial for the Little Giant Xtreme Ladder, a miraculous device that combines 24 ladders. It also claims to be the strongest, safest, and most versatile ladder in the world. Are these claims really true and is the Little Giant Xtreme Ladder worth the high price? Let's try to find out by taking a closer look at this product. In fact, this ladder is available in three different models - Model 17 extends to 15', Model 22 extends to 19', and Model 26 extends to 23'... read more

Poo Pourri

Poo-Pourri is a new product that was developed by Suzy Batiz who conducted a 9-month trial-and-error research. This is a concentrated formula that is designed to create a "protective layer of essential oils" over the water before you go. Due to this product that also contains other natural compounds and aromas, you can prevent a stink caused by the odors that rise. The principle of work of Poo-Pourri is very simple. The layer of essential oils do not allow unpleasant smell to go up... read more

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is a special product designed for cats. It has some specific features that most cat owners appreciate a lot. This substance is able to improve the life for your cat as it is able to alert its owner to any health concerns with litter that tends to change its color after use. This will undoubtedly help the cat owner to detect feline issues. In case of any health problems you can take your pet to the vet... read more

Turbo Scrub 360

Few people can really enjoy the process of cleaning their bathroom not only because of the unpleasant smell of chemicals but also because this manual labour involves difficult tasks. Fortunately, Turbo Scrub 360 is always there to help. This tool is designed to assist you to clean your bathroom and shower in a fast way. With this device you won't need to pay a lot of money for an expensive cleaner. The Turbo Scrub 360 is manufactured by Brand Developers Ltd, a company based in... read more

Copper Crisper

The Copper Crisper is a great innovative fryer that prepares delicious fried foods and can be used in the oven. The device consists of a raised mesh tray and a ceramic lower cookie sheet. This allows cooking foods evenly. Due to the special construction of the mesh copper tray, ventilation of food is possible. This provides a thorough cooking; as a result, you get crispy tasty food. What makes this food special is that it is not fried like on the frying-pan... read more

Red Copper Mug

Red Copper Mug is a ceramic-infused construction with a dual wall that claims to create a seal. In this way, your coffee remains flavorful and fresh all day long. In addition, the mug will maintain the temperature of your drinks. Your coffee will stay hot, while your iced drinks will stay cold for several hours. According to the manufacturer, Red Copper Mug's leak-proof lid and patented drip guard make it suitable for enjoying your drink on the go. The bottom vacuum seal safely locks onto any surface... read more


Muzo is a smart acoustic device that generates realistic and dynamic sounds, while cancelling vibration and outside noise. It can easily attach to any smooth surface and works due to the Billion Sound Technology (BST). The device can turn almost anything into a clear acoustic environment, including walls, windows, and desks and other furniture; protect your speech privacy and improve the quality of your sleep... read more

The Flipping Formula

The Flipping Formula is a real estate system that intends to educate its students on the issues of the subject, improve their financial position as well as to simplify and demystify the real estate market. It was indorsed by Dave Seymour and Peter Souhleris, stars of the A&E TV show "Flipping Boston." In addition, this educating system also promises to help improve your success using the program's formulas, strategies, and techniques, such as how to fix up the property, how to fund... read more

Ketosis Strips

If you hear about Ketosis Strips for the first time, you should be aware of the fact that this is a weight loss product created for people who would like to improve their shape. These are also called keto strips, but in this review we are going to take a look not only at what this product is but also whether it is worth buying at all. To understand what these products are, let us first understand what ketosis is. Well, this is a process in which your liver breaks down body fat... read more

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios

If you are starting to invest your money, you may benefit from robo-advisors like Schwab Intelligent Portfolios. It promises to help you automate the trading process; however, robo-advisors are not for everyone, so you are recommended to read this review to the end to find out whether this one is the right option for you. In general, it is an investment advisory service that builds, monitors, and rebalances your portfolio in an automatic way. It has no commissions, advisory fees... read more

Bear Mattress

The Bear Mattress is a product designed especially for athletes. It features memory foam and a unique celliant technology that allows athletes to recover during their sleep. It follows the new bed-in-a-box model available only online. The celliant technology is quite new, thus, I managed to do my own research to find out whether Bear Mattress is a good solution for sleep. In general, Celliant is a fiber that includes thermoactive minterals that are able to convert radiant body heat into... read more

American Advisors Group

American Advisors Group is a financial company who claims that their reverse mortgages are a good way to invest your money into your retirement. This also helps to steady your finances if you are having difficulties in life. Believe it or not but most Americans are not ready for retirement. Actually, every third American doesn't have a single penny saved for their post-work life. We don't need an expert to understand that those statistics are not good. AAG intends to provide a simple way... read more

Sole F80 Treadmill

The Sole F80 Treadmill is a foldable piece of equipment that is said to be notable for its club-like performance, probably, due to its CushionFlex Whisper Deck, commercial 3.5 CHP motor, thirty levels of power incline (with maximum 15% grade) and a 22" x 60" running surface. The user can see their training progress on a 9" console screen and on a mobile device via the Sole Fitness App. According to the manufacturer, this club-quality treadmill has become more powerful and roomier than it was at debut... read more

Sling TV

Sling TV is a company that offers streaming content and provides access to sports, live TV, hit shows, breaking news and movies from many different popular networks, as well as on-demand new releases. To use the service you will not need any cable subscription. Besides, you can have all this not only on your television, but also on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This is the reason why the company claims to offer everything you love about TV at the low price... read more


Zoosk is a company that was established in 2007 and is based out of San Francisco, CA. Actually, it is an online dating service that intends to help people find the most suitable matches based on similar passions, interests, goals, etc. this highly funded organization is backed by a number of popular ventures. The website is suitable for people of all demographic layers, any sexual orientation and age. Zoosk is available in different countries and exists in 25 different languages... read more


If you want to find information about your old friend, a relative you haven't seen for ages or your new neighbor, you can benefit from SpyFly that claims to perform public record-based background checks easily and quickly. This includes address and contact information, financial information, criminal records, and related individuals. Does this service really provide solid information worth your hard-earned money? Let's look for the facts and check what can be said about it... read more

VPI Pet Insurance

Every family member deserves proper health care, even if it is your four-legged friend. This is the reason why so many pet health insurance plans have been created lately. They give you the freedom to use the services of any vet, specialist or emergency provider available in the country. VPI Pet Insurance is one of the best companies that is designed to protect the health of pets. With this company you may be sure that your dog or cat won't be left without coverage, no matter how old they are... read more

Get It Free

Get It Free is a website that promises to provide you with a number of different ways to save money, including discounted gift cards, coupons, free offers, and strategies from all around the internet. You can buy anything from everyday to luxury things and services, including grocery and food items, popular restaurants, beauty products, etc. The company claims to offer new money-saving offers during the same day, in addition to a big collection of informative videos and... read more

Good2Go Auto Insurance

Good2Go Auto Insurance is a relatively new insurance comparison engine that specializes in minimum coverage car insurance for a reasonable price. It also allows purchasing collision and comprehensive coverage if you wish. The company has been in business for more than 25 years, In order to get a quote through their official website, you will need to enter your vehicle information (model, make, ownership, annual mileage, primary use, etc.), zip code, and... read more


Egglettes are silicone containers in the shape of small glasses with lids meant for boiling eggs without shells. The item uses a two-piece design for cooking hard-boiled, soft-boiled, and mini-omelet eggs in a few minutes. According to the manufacturer, you will not need to worry about broken egg whites and messy shells. All you will need to do is to crack the egg into the nonstick silicone pod, put on the lid and boil your egg on the stovetop. You can pop it out when done... read more

Philips Indoor Grill

Philips Indoor Grill is an electric grill that features a detachable grill rack (to fit three steaks 15cm long) and a removable drip tray. It has no temperature control. There is only a knob that can be used to turn it on, off or to keep it warm. According to the manufacturer, it heats up to 230 degrees C via infrared technology, which can minimize splatter and smoke. It takes five minutes to preheat the grill. The grill uses heat reflectors and infrared burners to cook your dishes evenly... read more

Tac Glasses

The topic of sunglasses is urgent not only in the middle of the summer but also in winter when the sun still shines and sometimes creates the glare. If you are in need for sunglasses this article is for you but today we will discuss not just regular sunglasses. Tac Glasses are special sunglasses manufactured by the company called Bell Howell. They have been designed with the use of military technology and are supposed to enhance colors, reduce glare, and give better vision clarity in general... read more

Power Air Fryer Oven

Power Air Fryer Oven is a device that is claimed to air fry, grill, roast, and bake different kinds of foods with little or no oil. It features turbo cyclonic Rapid Air technology and eight one-touch presets. The former helps to surround your food for better results. This device has dehydrator and rotisserie settings that can preserve fresh vegetables, fruits, and other foods. The unit uses a digital touchscreen panel, according to the official website. All you have to do is to set... read more

Clarisonic Smart Profile

Clarisonic is a well-known company manufacturing different cleansing devices. It has been on the market for a few years and gained positive reputation among its customers. Despite a great number of available alternatives, there is still a lot of buzz around their original sonic facial cleansing brush. To make this research more objective and deeper our team of specialists has taken their original model for a try. Can those vibrating bristles really make winter-chapped and dry complexions glow? What differentiates this device... read more

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