Beezid is a company that is based out of Montreal, Quebec, and having a professionally made official website ( In fact, it is a penny auction website that features a lot of auctions every day, as well as factory sealed products, including computers, cameras, iPads, gift cards, TVs, jewelry, etc. As such, the company claims that their wonderful deals on almost anything has assisted their clients to save more than $14 million since 2009 when Beezid opened their doors in... read more

23andMe DNA Test

23andMe DNA Test provides genealogical DNA testing that has become very popular these days. You can see it popping up everywhere. DNA testing offers a lot of benefits. 23andMe is another company that promises to provide their customers some unique options that cannot be found anywhere else. Unlike other companies offering DNA testing and genealogical research services, 23andMe was created only for DNA testing. This genetic testing company uses human saliva sample to trace... read more

Bakey Bacon

Bakey Bacon is a company that offers baking straws for preparing bacon. These are available in the form of silicone rods that you can wrap bacon around. In this way you are promised to be able to create nice and tasty bacon straws. Bacon can be cooked in the microwave or traditional oven. You can eat these straws on their own or fill them with different fillings such as mashed potatoes, cheese, or sour cream. Every set includes three filling bags, six rods, and a piping tool... read more

Copper Tech Pressure Pro

CopperTech PressurePro is a pressure cooker that gives an opportunity to cook favorite dishes of your family in several minutes. All you will need to do is to simply press a button, according to the manufacturer. This is the reason why it is called a touch-and-go cooker. It is available with a capacity of up to ten quarts. The cooker uses pressurized steam to cook food, while locking in seasonings, moisture, and natural flavors of foods. PressurePro has added... read more

Dash Maps

Dash Maps is a windshield projector display that puts turn-by-turn, transparent directions in front of you, which allows you to hold your head straight and to keep your eyes on the road. There is no need to constantly look down at your phone while you driving. In order to use the device, you will have to activate the GPS on your smartphone (including those from Samsung and Apple), put it in the tray and start driving. The anti-glare screen will reflect a clear image... read more

Sonic Zapper

Sonic Zapper is an electronic device specially created to repel pests, insects, and other undesired beings. The device uses sound waves within the ultrasonic wavelength which are not felt by human beings and animals. The appliance has a built-in property to emit blue light that attracts insects that can fly. As a result, these insects get zapped by electric current that simply kills them. Sonic Zapper can be plugged directly into any standard wall power outlet. It is said to be a combination... read more

Tactical Lighter

The Tactical Lighter from Bell & Howell is a USB-powered, flameless lighter that is both wind and weatherproof due to its construction. In the official commercial, we are said that the product has high quality and even shown that it is being run over by a tank, which leaves it unscathed. The product's unique benefits are linked to the special lighter fluid, the arc plasma design, and flame approach for an electrical charge. To understand how this device works we will need to take a look at how... read more

Medical Alert Systems

The risk of getting an injury is the greatest fear of elderly people when left at home alone. And it usually becomes the major factor why their families decide not to leave their elderly one at home without supervision. However, not all families can afford themselves to live with an old person under the same roof. This is when efficient medical alert systems come to help. These systems can significantly extend the time when seniors live alone and... read more


PeachDish is a meal delivery service based in Georgia. It deals with the delivery of meal kits (boxes with ingredients), as well as cooking instructions, to your threshold on a weekly basis. They emphasize on seasonal dishes and Southern cooking, although you can also prepare some international and even exotic dishes. The menu changes every week, so you don't have to worry about eating the same food all the time... read more


QuiBids is a quite new online penny auction website that offers fast-paced and interesting auctions for numerous items across many different categories. They are known for their low prices that are then increased by a penny for each bid placed. This allows you to save a big amount of money. The company was founded in 2009 in Oklahoma City, OK, thus, it has been in business for eight years. It has been featured on CBS News, ABC, MSNBC, etc... read more


Chromecast is a plug-and-play device that gives you an opportunity to "cast" content from many different apps to your HDTV by using a WiFi-enabled device, such as a laptop or smartphone. It is said to be the easiest way to watch online video and listen to video music clips on your TV. The product is manufactured by Google and is associated with a great number of customer reviews that seem to be mostly. Such positive online reputation is due to the device's "bank-for-your-buck" feature... read more


Netflix is an online video service that gives you an opportunity to watch unlimited documentaries, movies, and full seasons of television shows in different genres including drama, crime, family, sci-fi, classics, independent, action, romance, fantasy, comedy, adventure, and much more. Its official website is The company claims to have the membership of 30 million users. Netflix offers a number of features, which is why the services take an important position on the market... read more

Keiser M3 Plus

Keiser M3 Plus is one of the best indoor cycling bikes available on the modern market, according to the manufacturer. It is said to be the result of more than ten years of development and research. This machine uses revolutionary magnetic resistance technology with a sturdy but minimalist design to provide a smooth ride. This piece of equipment needs little maintenance and is able to stand the test of time quite well. This explains why thus sort of equipment is pricier than the competition... read more

Weider Weight Bench

The Weider Weight Bench is claimed to be one of the best workout benches available on the modern market. Since it is presented in a variety of models, we are going to focus today on the most popular one called Weider 190 RX Weight Bench. It is not a cheap bench; it has a stable base from which you can perform hamstring curls, bench presses, preacher curls, and leg extensions. When thinking about which weight bench to buy, be aware that there are different designs on the market. Each of which... read more


Sungevity is a new technology that provides your home with energy through solar systems. The company behind the service is well-known and popular in the USA. It carries the same name and has the following postal address: 66 Franklin Street, Suite 310; City: Oakland; State/Province: CA. Postal Code is 94607. There is also an official website: The company provides all the necessary information about financing options and the solar technology itself on the official website... read more


Beepi is a company that was co-founded by Owen Savir and Alejandro Resnik. This peer-to-peer marketplace claims to take all the hassle out of purchasing and selling a used car. In addition, the company says that their business model gives sellers an opportunity to get more money for their cars, and for buyers to save money. To accomplish this, Beepi connects sellers and buyers in an organized and safe environment functioning as a virtual dealer. As there are no salespeople or showrooms, you have a chance to save your funds... read more

Brain Chase

Brain Chase is an online program for 2nd through 8th graders (known as Adventurers) that aims to help them avoid summer learning loss. It was founded by Heather and Allan Staker and offers unusual educational activities and interesting academic tasks that are fun to perform. Thus, the program is covered only once a year. It has been on the market since 2013, so it is associated with a number of positive customer reviews. Brain Chase has partnered with myON, Rosetta Stone, Khan Academy, credentialed teachers, Google Books... read more

CEP Compression

If you are an athlete, you probably know that cycling running and other endurance sports can be a real stress to your body, and if you are reading this review, you have probably looking for some products that would be able to provide you with a competitive edge and reduce painful sensations. You have come to the right place because CEP Compression garments are able to significantly improve oxygenation to your muscles and your blood circulation to increase your endurance, boost your performance, and reduce your recovery time... read more

Copper Chef Grill

Copper Chef Grill is a device that promises to provide you with the same char-grill flavor as the outdoor grill, but it can be used right on your stovetop. It is mentioned on the official website that the system can also be used in the oven and on the outdoor grill. What is good about the product is that it can significantly reduce mess and features a non-stick coating that is PTFE and PFOA free. According to the manufacturer, its ridges are up to 5 times higher than usual. These are responsible for beautiful grill marks... read more